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1088C (caller tester)


Model 1088C caller ID tester is a caller ID signal generator design for both FSK (Binary Frequency Shift Key) and CCCITT recommend DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) signal system. 1088C Design by the advanced microprocessor control and high reliability components with light weigh, powerful functionality and easy to operation facilities. Very suitable for caller ID relative products testing or tuning on mass production line or repair center.

  • Hook ON/OFF detection facility.
  • STOP: halt the current data sending operation facility.
  • Ringing test: supply a ringing current to device under test (DUT or UUT).
  • Single test mode: send a group of ID signal to the unit under test (DUT).
  • Continuous mode: repeat send a group of ID signal to DUT.
  • Output level adjusted function: can do FSK signal level adjustment.

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