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    ADSYS Technologies Co., Ltd. designs, manufactures, markets, and services for Testing & Measuring Equipments. Based by an engineering and management team of which are rooted from 25 years experience, ADSYS has been managing products in a big way of a loop-line from marketing investigation, R&D inputs, manufacturing, sales and customer service supports. ADSYS has acquired a reputation for consistently supplying our customers with the highest quality products by costing design. ADSYS is committed to providing innovative solutions to customer needs by affording GLOBAL REACH / LOCAL SOLUTIONS policy to comply with locally specific power regulation and supporting.

Commitment Quality Products to create steadfastly productivity.
Quality-Wise Testing & Measuring Instruments to create cost-efficient production.
Unceasingly Innovation to meet customer’s needs.
Foresight and Imagination to look beyond the obvious.
Timely Service to support when and what customer's needs.
Use our expertise to define your success.


  • Devote ourselves to our professional business, as our core competitiveness.
  • Continue business for everlasting, purse short, medium and long-term strategy.
  • Our customers are our business partners; strengthening our customer'competitiveness is our goal and responsibility.
  • Quality is the guiding principle of our work and services.
  • Unceasingly create new ideas; maintain a high entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Running a business has challenges and interesting; pursue an outstanding an outstanding working environment.
  • Take care of the needs and interests of customers, the interests of employees and the rights and interests of shareholders; be a good enterprising citizen.
  • Have high professional morals, speak the truth, uphold promises. Be objective,impartial, and honest towards supplier.

    We built up our Technical Service Group, including research, production, sales and technical support in ShenZhen and SuZhou so that we can attain our goal of fulfilling the customer’s satisfaction by the principle of being approach to the market and the customers.

    We have the factory in the south of China and the east of China and each measures 1000 meter squares and 1650 meter squares. We build up the Technical Service Group to rapid respond to our customers need.

    Factory in SuZhou: the service of the fixture, production of ICT, manufacture and research of consistent production.

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